Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Only Kind of British Ashes I Like

Went to the Ashmolean Museum about an hour and a half ago. Wandered around a bit. The place is in a bit of a state due to renovations that will result in most of the building being annihilated and redesigned.

However, about 15 minutes in I inserted myself into a lecture on Indian art and theology, which was quite outstanding. The lecturer wasn't an Oxford prof, but rather appears to be some sort of travelling research archaeologist. She was BRILLIANT. Professor Deware in my Roman Civ class had this kind of animation to him. She had an energy to her, and a great passion for what she was talking about.

...I also became the butt of her lecture on the topic of elephants. Basically she was talking about Alexander and the Persians coming to Indiana, and I misheard "elegance" as "elephants"...and thus for the remainder of the lecture all the topics eventually swung around to elephants of one sort or another. It was fun.

I took over a hundred pictures of both the Ashmolean's remaining central galleries, and of their Graecho-Roman cast gallery. Its bloody billiant.

That is all for now.


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