Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas!

I prefer that so much more than "merry Christmas". I dunno, it just sounds better.

Well, Christmas continues. We had Czech Christmas last night (Christmas Eve), consisting of veal schnitzel, fried breaded fish, and potato salad. Opened some presents, got the first season of "Hogan's Heroes" and "Madagascar". All's good.

Did further presenting today on actual Christmas. I now apparently have the FULL Transmetropolitan collection...all 11 books of it. 3 of which I already own. Ah well, I can probably give them to a store for trade. Or something. Also got another 3 books of Swamp Thing, which has become sort of an annual thing. I only ever get ST trades at Christmas or my birthday.

Much chocolate. I now have the complete run of current books for the World of Darkness, and got a deluxe, limited edition copy of the "A Game of Thrones" RPG. It has a dust cover, and a bookmark, and silvered-edges. Its purty.

Good haul. And dinner is coming in another 6-7 hours. Turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, veggies, trifle. Damn good stuff.


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