Tuesday, August 09, 2011

WRA Episode 28- Vampires In Their Own Words

Well, I came across this charming little piece of non-fiction titled Vampires: In Their On Words, which purports to be "An Anthology of Vampiric Voices". Edited by Michelle Belanger, 24 people who think they're vampires come forward to talk about how they're...err...vampires.

This isn't a fictional novel. Oh no. These are real people who think that they need to drink blood and life energy to survive.

So, armed with the book, I went to ConBravo! 2011, and found many an unsuspecting nerd (including a few you might recognize) to read from the book for me in order to demonstrate its crazy.

Ladies and gentlemen...Vampires: In Their Own Words.


Blogger alphaomega325 said...

I truly love your episodes i truly do which got me thinking. you see there is a fanfiction called Tiberium Wars that i kind of like and i want you to do a episode on that fanfiction.
Here's the link below:
Try to review it i guarantee you you will love it. and before you ask it is not written by me.

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