Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Shadow (WRA Ep- 34)

Today on Warning! Readers Advisory!, we look at a GOOD pulp movie after the disastrous results of reviewing SF Shinseiki Lensman. Instead, we're going to take a shot at the 1994 film THE SHADOW starring Alec Baldwin, and see if the weed of this film bears bitter fruit.

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Blogger Thoom said...

Three times you marveled that the effect in this movie were "good for it's time". What? This was 1994, not 1954.

This was movie was released AFTER the CGI revolution. After the Abyss, Terminator 2, two Burton Batman flicks and freaking JURASSIC PARK. The Shadow wasn't topping those two in the visual effects department. Spielberg and James Cameron could have done the effects in The Shadow with their hands tied behind their back.

And the Shadow wasn't some indie low budget movie. This was a big budget Hollywood film that the studio was hoping would get some Batman type of love, so yeah, the visual effects were of it's time.

Bad year for Special effects? Forrest Gump (which had plenty of VFX) and Water World were released that year.

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