Saturday, February 16, 2013


Yeehaw, kids! Its Saturday morning, and this is Derek the Bard back with another episode of What We Watched, the show laser-targeted at your brain's nostalgia gland! Well, I've got a new episode up this week, and its just in time for that most important day for all cartoons...SATURDAY MORNING! Ok, at least its Saturday morning where I am right now, holed up in the manly yet somehow also awesome Bardcave.

Back in 1998 there was a terrible Roland Emmerich movie starring Matthew Broderick trying to deal with a giant monster that people kept inexplicably calling "Godzilla", despite the fact that at no point in time did it ever breath radioactive fire or get into a fist fight with Gigan. Well, it was Adelaide Productions to the rescue with its cartoon tie-in! Not only does this series create a whole new Godzilla mythos for an American audience, it captures the power and majesty of the original Japanese films while still paying subtle homage to them.

So sit back with your bowl of Captain Crunch and a bottle of Yoo-Hoo, because for the next 25 minutes I'm going to (re-)introduce you to...GODZILLA: THE SERIES!


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