Monday, December 13, 2004

Changeling LARP

Well, I almost didn't make my Changeling game tonight. I got a frantic call from one of the guys at work last night informing me that the guy who normally covers my station on Sundays is apparently being deported (I have no idea, so don't ask). So I was pretty depressed last night when I heard this, because I've been spending two weeks putting together the perfect costume for Changeling and now I wouldn't be able to wear it...

...but I got to go anyway. I'm about two and a half hours into my shift, we've been open for about an hour and a half, and we had no one with reservations tonight and had done 4 people so far. So Frank, the owner, comes onto the line and asks me if I'd like to go home, because its so slow (and he probably realizes I really don't want to work Sundays). I believe my answer was "Dear god yes". So...I got to go home. I figured I'd been half an hour or an hour late to game (since it normally starts at 7). But it started at 8, so I got to play the full thing. In my full, pseudo-Dickensian costume (I got a vaugley great-coatish looking thing from my father, I'm going to have pictures soon, I promise).

Game fucking ROCKED! It was all the sweeter because it was the ultimate stress relief from exams. I'd been feeling off all day, but Changeling brought me right back to my feet. Changeling's generally a hit-or-miss game, where I either have a fantastic time or I get really bored. Tonight I had a fantastic time. To give the highlights:
-Innis got an apprentice, a newly Chrysalised Nocker who I've been set to train (...he's everything I despise...he's an aristocrat, with a big I'm going to turn him into a weird Morlock, I think, just like me)
-Innis asked, and was more or less accepted, into a motley
-I made schemes

Unfortunatly my scheme to be the Grinch and steal Christmas from the rich isn't going to work, because I was an idiot and asked a couple people for help, and they thought it was a horrible plan. So I can't do it now, becuase I'll be caught for sure. But I'll think of some other way to get my kicks. The monkey, how it schemes.


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