Monday, December 06, 2004

I take back what I said about Exalted: The Fair-Folk

Exalted: The Fair Folk is by far one of the most complicated RPG supplement I have ever read. Next to it, Nobilis is a children's book, and Continuum is a high school textbook.

The basic problem I have is that the rules are...well frankly, the rules are just damnably complex, and there are a lot of them. There are a lot of terms used chapters before they are ever explained, and a lot of things that require examples that aren't given them. Mainly, it would have been really, really nice to see a full example of several rounds of Shaping Combat.

Ahhh, Shaping Combat. It's...complex. In a head-hurty kind of way.

...but at the same time its very cool. It's literally illusionary combat. Which is nifty. More later as I read on.

Oh, and I also finished Max Barry's Jennifer Government. Fantastic book. Very odd, but also very cool. It's a touch nihilistic at times, though, as seemingly innocent characters become stone cold bitches bent on killing, maiming, threatening, and swindling anyone just to get what they want.


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