Monday, November 29, 2004

Tonight's Mage LARP

Tonight's game was GREAT. My character was really useful, and is becoming the information hub of the Traditions of Toronto thanks to being...well frankly thanks to being the only person who pays attention to the media and knows how to use a computer. I acted as the computer-reading-brain-medium-guy for Genesis, a Virtual Adept who was an Awakened computer program who lost his original host body. It was fun.

Then we found out that an important mystical object owned by the local Nephandus was at a bank. Since tonight was the big attack on him, we wanted to get it to see if we could weaken him. There were problems:
1) The people sent to do this were my PC (7r4d3m4rk, Virtual adept media hacker), Genesis (being mediumshipped through me), Greg (Hermetic who apparently is the reincarnation of Hercules or something), and Elizabeth (Ecastic, very jumpy). None of us had any useful Spheres, or knew anything about crime.
2) THe bank had Technocratic guards and security systems.

What ended up happening went something like this:
7r4d3m4rk (from here on in being referred to as "I" or "me") and Elizabeth, with Genesis piggybacking my Correspondence spell, scryed into the bank. At that point an armoured car pulled up outside and started loading and unloading stuff. Then we tried to come up with a plan. Greg used his Truck'o'Many-Things to provide me with a used coffee cup, and assuming a hunch and some bruises I then acted like a homeless man. Using the fact that people are programmed to ignore the homeless, I used a Mind 2 effect to convince the armoured car and security people I was harmless. Meanwhile, Genesis hacked the security system to distract them. I tried to sneak into the bank while they were distracted, but failed and was slammed against a wall with a gun to my head. Genesis hacked the system further to make the guy monitoring the security cameras think the guard had shot me. His horrified "BOb, what the hell are you doing?!?" was used by me as a focus for Mind 2 to make him dreadfully afraid of his gun. Then I ran away.

Meanwhile, with the HUGE distraction, Greg snuck into the bank. He fought some people, killed one, and was nearly killed by another. At that point, the bank doors opened, and there stood I, Elizabeth, and two of our Chantrymates who had just arrived: Quinn, our deacon, and Jake, The New Guy (well, new the chantry). So, through a mixture of Jake, Quinn, and myself, with some informational help from Genesis, we managed to convince the security people (all of whom turned out to be Technocratic agents) that we were higher ranking Technocrats than they were. Then we proceeded to get the badly injured Greg out and get what we'd come for.

The funny thing was, the whole attack was a series of fuck-ups after fuck-ups, but all the fuck-ups ended up helping us out. When I sent a frenzied radio call to the armoured car crew telling them that there was a spree of armoured car hijackings in their area, and then blanked out their radio signals after that, it only added to convicing the Technocrats that this was all just a drill...and that they'd passed, and the armoured car people had failed.

Later on in the evening, we went for the final big assault on the Nephandus. This contained two amusing points:
1) Genesis, who has been trying to assimilate people into a weird neural link to further his quest for Ascension, assimilated me. Then fifteen minutes later was promptly annihilated by the one Werewolf PC in the game (he was the only survivor of the previous Werewolf LARP in Toronto), thus freeing me. I never even fully understood the ramifications of what had happened.
2) We found out that the weird warded house that the Nephandus lived in worked on horror movie physics. To optomize our work there, I proceeded to use my great knowledge of the media to slip into the framework of the movie. First, I used Time scrying to ask the question "What sort of horror movie physics are we using that would be nessecary to destroy the house?", and used Forces 2 to make myself invisible by saying "I'm the geek, the geek always survives because the monsters ignore him". it worked...I only took a single point of lethal damage.

Overall, it was a really good game. There are only two more to go before the game ends, so I think things are just going to keep getting better. Huzzah.


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