Tuesday, November 16, 2004

For those who wonder what the hell Girl Genius is...

Airship Books, the company that produces Girl Genius has kindly put up the first issue, and The Secret Blueprints, online. Issue 1 is wonderful, and the Secret Blueprints introduce all the main characters as well as the setting history.

I highly recomend reading them.

For those that are annoyed that I have yet to post further rules stuff and clarifications, I apologize. I just spent a few days writing a 4000+ word Changeling adventure for my local Camarilla domain, as the STs were holding an adventure contest (I get XP and Prestige Points...and if I win, I get MORE stuff, how could I lose???), and a few other thingies. I'll do the further work soon. God I hope I get Acrobat for Christmas, it'll make my life so much easier.


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