Monday, November 08, 2004

Changeling and LARP

So I was at a Changeling game tonight. The game was set as November 1st, the day after Halloween. October 31st in Changeling is Samhain, the one night of the yaer when all the Changelings get to be evil and mischevious. I play a character who could loosley be called the "Post-Industrial Steam-Tech Luddite Impetus". He's not a Luddite. He does things with technology that causes people to BECOME Luddites. So for Samhain, when no one can remember anything they did that day, I seem to have ripped off half the parking meters in TOronto (netting some $30-50 in loose change), and changed all the water in the street sweeper-car-truck-thingees with pig's blood. All I know is what I read in the In Character news articles, and the fact that Innis woke up drenched in pig's blood, covered in pocket change, and carrying a leather satchel with a variety of fiendish tools, rings of keys, and various pieces of crap in it.

The game itself was also amusing, I think I've found a motley to attach myself to, made some friends, and got a contract to design several voting booths for the mystical, chimerical city of Streethaven. There were some logical issues when the guy contracting me said he wanted the voting booths to dispense food, as chosen by each candidate, when you vote for them, to ensure that the rat-folk, the hungry inhabitants of Street haven, vote. I have logical issues with the fact that candidates will be adverstising "Vote For Oak, His Machine Gives Cupcakes!". The vote is for Mayor of Streethaven. Democracy and capitalism. Well, my character IS American.

I am also full of pineapple, rice, beef, and red curry. Life is good.


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