Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Sandman and 1602

Oh, since there might have been confusion:

I've read the first 5 TPBs of Gaiman's Sandman. And the two Death TPBs. And several other related works. I am not wholly uneducated on the subject.

Also, I finished 1602 today. Wonderful stuff. Gaiman did a fantastic job on it, and I am most impressed. There was some very clever characterization and use of different characters to fill different roles. Nick Fury as a swashbuckler is intuitive enough...but Captain America as a Native American bodyguard? I'm still trying to figure out what Marvel character Virginia was supposed to be. I think there was a character in Alpha Flight who could change into animals, but only white ones. I have to say that, by far, Fury was my favourite character in the book. But then again, I have a thing for swashbuckling spymasters (there just aren't enough of them). Reed Richards was neat, but he just came off as far, far too modern for my tastes.


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