Friday, November 12, 2004

And so it begins

There are few shocks like walking into work one day to find that your immediate supervisor has been fired. More to the point, that you were there the day before to pick up a paycheck, had a lengthy discussion with the owner on your hours and what you'd been doing, and the subject was never mentioned. I was surprised this morning when I was informed that the reason that the owner was working on the line with us kitchen grunts was because the chef had just been fired a few days before. Joy.

And now, with the Christmas Rush looming over our heads like a boulder made of solid money and propelled down a stone ramp onto a startled Indiana Jones by tribes of hungry natives, we are faced with being a man down, with two guys in training and more dishwashers than you can shake a feathered spear at.

So now they want me in more. The problem is, I don't WANT to be in more. I'm perfectly happy as I am. Money's money, I suppose. And I only have three exams, and I probably will end up on three or four days a week. Hey, as long as I get my Fridays (Justice League) and Sundays (LARP) off, I think I can manage. And besides, January's the slow season, when no one without a kitchen job can get one to save his life, because everyones just spent their cash on Christmas and is tired of fancy food.

A sidenote

JasonK got me thinking on comic scripting. I'm thinking of turning "A World Without Doors" into a comic about a rogue chef on the run from the catering cartels. I figure if Anthony Bordain (my personal culinary hero) can write a novel about a kitchen grunt in an Italian restraunt with the mob and the FBI after him, I can write about at teleporting chef trying to outrun the kitchen mafia. Maybe I'm just weird that way.

Also, I'll be posting rules for Clanks, Constructs, and other crap for Girl Genius tomorrow, probably. I worked out most of the rules at work tonight, I just have to fit them into the system. JasonK also reminded me that I need to create rules for how fast Spark points (Machine or Daring-Do [which Jason corrected to "Derring-Do"]) recover, and have to clearly differentiate between effects 1) and 2) for Daring-Do stuff (differentiate between the coincidental luck changes from Dramatic Editing and the mental/physical conditioning of Effects). I'm hoping to get Adobe Acrobat 6.0 for Christmas, so who knows...I may turn this all into a short PDF document.

I think I'm about ready to make a lengthy post on the Defenders of the Empire soon. I think I can write a short essay on Four-Color Victorian society from my notes so far.

That is all, Citizens.


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