Monday, March 27, 2006

Last Week, This Week, Whatever

Last week was pretty good, though a little hectic. Most notably I had my first class under Ty Templeton.

Dunno if I mentioned this earlier. For my birthday my mother signed me into a class on writing comics taught by writer and artist Ty Templeton. It was FUCKING AWESOME! I mean...jesus christ, I learned more in one class that I have in a YEAR of script writing. I mean, all the nitty gritty shit that I don't normally think about. And that wasn't the end of it!

After class Ty gave me a lift to the subway, since it was on his way home. And we chatted. I talked about DELIVERY and SUICIDE YAKUZA. He said that zombie comics were SO 2004, but I still might stand a chance, and that SY sounded cool. He talked about the time he pitched something to an editor by accidnetally saying "I'd love to see this in a book some day", and the fact that you CAN do pitches without art.

I'm really looking forward to class this week. We had a homework assignment for scripting another two, 4 panel pages (composing Establishing Shot, Close-Up, Action Shot, and Important Panel as the basics of any page). And somehow I ended up having Matt Noblem in it. Yeah...Excelsior makes yet another cameo appearance.

I'm feeling better today. I think I may have just needed a really good sleep. I dunno. But I'm feeling ten times as good as yesterday. Body is much less tender.

I picked up Marc Andreyko's "Manhunter: Street Justice" today. Its a trade compilation of the first 5 issues of his new superhero book, Manhunter. Really, really good stuff. A superhero in LA. Who arms herself by stealing from the FBI's supergadget evidence room. Its a lot more gritty, I think, than some of the recent Green Arrow stuff, and the art's real nice. I highly recommend it.

Similarly, I recommend picking up the Read or Die manga that came out from Viz this week. If you're a fan of the RoD OVA, I HIGHLY recommend picking it up. Among other things, its got the secret origins of The Paper...which are REALLY FUCKING COOL! The Paper's origins are like something out of Unknown Armies. Just really funky. For those NOT familiar with RoD...shame on you. Superpowered agents of the British Library. TAKE AND READ! TAKE AND READ! (possibly my favourite St. Augustine quote EVAH!)

Also, the 5th pocket-TPB of Runaways is out. For those who haven't read Brian Vaughn's comic about the life of the superpowered kids of supervillains, on the run from the law, I HIGHLY recommend picking it up. The trades are nice and pocket sized, and contain a full six issues each. There's some very nice plot development across them, and the stories are quite compelling. Easily one of my favourite superhero books coming out ATM.

Now I go and watch The West Wing, season 5. More on last week's DVD purchases later.



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