Sunday, April 09, 2006

Roll Wisdom to Disbelief 9am

I failed my Wisdom check this morning and thus failed to Disbelief in 9am.

First staff meeting at work went fine. Doughnuts.

I have three days until my final papers for two courses are due, and a final in-class test.

I haven't even begun writing either paper, or studying for the test. I am so fucked, lol.

Tomorrow I'll finish compiling research for both papers. Start writing on Monday afternoon. Hopefully finish MOnday night, maybe Tuesday afternoon. Finish Tuesday night. I have Monday lunch before class to finish nitpicking my English paper. I can do it (actually, most of the research for my Roman Slavery paper is already done, I've got all the books I need, I just need to spend 2-3 hours going through them, scanning them, and tagging them with Post-Its...English I've read both books, just need a thesis...paper will flow from there).

...and I need a new ink cartridge. Shit.

AH well. Work work work. When Thursday comes, and Ty's class (fourth class, I'm sad to see it half over but dear sweet God I have learned SO much its not funny), I will know that school is over, and exams are on their way. I just have to survive to THursday.

I wish we didn't have Consillium on the Boston chats on Monday night. Blah.


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