Thursday, September 04, 2008

I am in the mood for silly science fiction

Ignore the laws of physics. Hide Schroedinger's box under the bed (the cat will either come out for air...or it won't). Replace all Einstein posters with Heinlein, Asimov, and Zelazny (...I need to re-read my Amber books next). Then proceed to pretend that Star Trek, Star Wars, and every other serious science fiction program never existed.

You have entered a realm where space is funny. Where distance is never measured in anything less than the millions of miles, and speed is relative only to humor and plot. And possibly how drunk the pilot is.

I am in the mood for silly science fiction. I partially blame Megan Rose Gedris over at I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space for this mood. But its also been getting at me ever since I saw that Sci-Fi was remaking Flash Gordon, and after watching a lot of Babylon 5 on my new portable DVD/iPod-enlarger player (oddly called the iLuv [don't ask]). My mind is a swirling vortex.

The worlds of Adelaide Fetch and Vincent Verde are fun to run around in. Poltergeist PIs and cybernetic street ops are fun and all...but I have always had an overenthusiastic love of comedy.

...remind me to tell you about the first 5 pages of script I wrote for a comic entitled "The VEGAS VANGUARD in 'RED KRISTMAS'". Actually, just plain remind me to talk about the Vegas Vanguard at any point, period. And learn the glories of Cosmic Wayne Newton.

Silly science fiction will be coming soon. I feel inspired.

...also it means I don't have to do serious research into...well...anything, really.



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