Tuesday, July 03, 2012

THE DUNWICH HORROR (Warning! Readers Advisory!)

Welcome back, friends, to the Summer of Lovecraft. For the next three months I'll be reviewing movies and books based on the work of HP Lovecraft, and providing a humorous running commentary.

This week, its a direct to TV film for SyFy. And it was directed by everyone's favourite Transmorphers director/writer, Leigh Scott. Oh dear. Deary, deary me. Oh, but Jeffrey Combs is in it. So that's something! Get ready, kids, this is...



Blogger Grumpy Celt said...

I watched this when it first appeared on SyFy. I remember being very bored if either Stockwell or Combs were not on the screen at the time. I also thought the idea of the Necronomicon only existing in dreams was interesting and suitably Lovecraftian, and the idea of the pages of pages of the Necronomicon being behind the wall paper was alright (albeit not new, Lovecraftian or novel) it was a mistake to put both those takes on the book in the same movie, right next to each other. And the gang-bang of magic at the end was just tedious.
It was a fun review.

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