Saturday, April 23, 2005

America, your justice system at work

"...state agents drank beer and watched from seats inside the club, ostensibly looking for violations of liquor laws at the same time."

It gets better.

"Police said Szuhay befriended the Total Xposure staff, drinking with them after hours while using the driver's license of Dawson's daughter."

While the case is about identity theft (Szuhay was using the driver's lisence and social security number of a woman in Cincinatti), I'm a touch more concerned that the whole gist of the operation was having federal agents sitting around a bar, getting drunk, and hoping to see someone underaged get served liquor. Oh, and that the undercover "agent" (really a US Marshal intern) basically seems to have attempted to get the other employees to admit to it, I think. The whole thing kind of stinks of entrapment.

It also stinks of me having nothing better to post about today. Hopefully more Way Down will be forthcoming in the next few days.


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