Thursday, April 14, 2005


Written by a friend of mine, Ray Fawkes (one of the infamous "Traditions' 7"), MNEMOVORE #1 just hit the stands today. Read it. Enjoy it. Ray does a fantastic job of creating a psychological horror with a Lovecraftian edge. One guy over at Barbelith described it as being like "Memento on Lovecraft".

The great thing is that it's an indi comics writer breaking out. While I haven't read any of Ray's stuff in the Toronto comics scene, this book really makes me want to go out and pick some of it. Generally my interest in indi-comics is somewhere between about 0 and nil, probably because I'm a hypocritical bourgoise bastard who likes to spend one moment singing the praises of anarchy and the next thanking God that he has a job.

Anyway, listen. Go grab a copy of this book. If you read this blog, its probably the sort of stuff you'll enjoy.

And for those that know me, to go out and plug a comic on the evidence of a single issue is...well...somewhere between unprecedented and just plain weird.


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