Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Adventures in Time and Space, Transcribed in FUTURE TENSE!


Possibly my favourite radio program, Dimension X aired nearly half a century ago on NBC radio. This was quality programming. This was the radio version of The Outer Limits. Half hour, self contained radio dramas. Some were original, most were adaptations of classic science fiction stories.

Its amazing, to be honest. Its a look at how people thought the future was going to be, or imagined it being.

I have my good friend, Steve Illot, to thank for getting me into Dimension X. He got me some 40-60 broadcasts in MP3 format, and they're loaded into my iPod. I've been listening to them over the past few days. They're actually turning out to be a good way of measuring time, as each episode is roughly 23 minutes in length, and the change between them is noticeable. They're also something that can be turned on and left to play for a long while, without having to go back to the iPod's controls and toggle up a new album or artist.

Dimension X also introduced me to some weird moments in history. Like the episode that's interupted by the President declaring war on Vietnam (or possibly Korea, I'm pretty sure it was Vietnam). Or the 2 or 3 that are broken up by it being "National Wheaties Week". Yeah, that's right. Good, old fashioned radio advertisments. Cheesy, but amusing. God, I even know the Wheaties slogan ("Pick up a box, and see how Wheaties at 7 helps at 11"). I am a sad, sad individual.


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