Friday, April 01, 2005

Kill Them All

(From the Toronto Star)
"Bernie Mac's hip-hop version of 'As Time Goes By' brings back fond memories for Ashton Kutcher and Paris the updated remake of the classic, but dated, Casablanca."

Yes. Casablanca is dated. It's filed under "Classics". To be a considered a "classic" the thing HAS to be dated! That's the fucking POINT!

Hip-Hop version? The hell? Because an idiot, a slut, and a comedian, and hip-hop music, are SO much more indicative of what life was REALLY like in the 1940s! In Baghdad! So the movie's CALLED Casablanca...but it's not really IN Casblanca.

The ire rising within me knows few boundaries. I LOVE Casablanca. Next to Maltese Falcon it is my favourite Bogart movie of all time. This...shit...perverts it beyond reason.

And's the fucking highest rated movie I've ever seen in the Toronto Star! It got four fucking stars! FOUR! These people are idiots.

See title line.


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