Friday, March 25, 2005

The 4400

(ADDENDUM: I went to and found out that The 4400 is indeed out on DVD for a little under $30 CDN. Wonderful. I think I shall go and purchase it.)

Does anyone know if this show is out on DVD?

I saw a couple episodes on Space today as part of a Good Friday marathon.

This show, as far as I can tell, can roughly be described as Taken: The Abridged Version, The Visitor without the manhunt, or Roswell Done Right. It's also got some undertones (and overtones) similar to Joe Strazinski's Rising Stars.

Basically 4400 people who were abducted by aliens over the years are suddenly returned home. Now they have to cope with the massive weirdness that's happened to, and around them. Some of them have powers, some don't. ANd there's some minor conspiracy (not so shadowy, though) going on with the government.

And it has the greatest used of Homeland Security ever. Two guys are stopped from blowing some members of the 4400 up with a car bomb. The agents who nab them slam them onto the ground, put guns to their heads, and inform them that they are terrorists, and are being arrested as enemy combatants. It was wonderful to see Homeland Security actually being used for something other than being an Orwellian Thought Police...but rather realizing that there are plenty of "All American" domestic terrorist groups who have nothing to do with left wing politics, Islam, or indeed the Middle East at all.


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