Friday, March 18, 2005

Why I hate Bell Canada

When I signed up for my cell phone with Bell Canada last year I was essenitally swindled into thinking I was getting a great deal. And I was...for three months. After that they started fucking with me, changing how much I was being charged, bringing up all the hidden fees they'd never bothered to mention, all that jazz. Their store personell, similarly, are utterly useless. They know little about the products they sell, and can't assist you with them once they sell them to you (not entirely true, they can help you with the hardware, but if you need help with your phone plan...nuh uh, off to the customer service phone lines you go).

Things have only gotten worse. For some reason I only sporadically receive invoices, often several months after the fact, their customer service lines are completly unhelpful (when they're open), and their website has no way of actually telling you the breakdown of your billing.

Take February for example. In February I apparently made upwards of 5 hours of long distance calls from my cell phone. Were to, I'm not 100% sure. AlexanderLambert, my mother, all these people call my phone. I don't generally call them for longer than a few minutes. So you can understand why I'm stressed that I'm being charged $71 for calls I don't remember making. And I don't have a printed invoice, or an electronic one, to look at to see WHY I'm being charged these things.

I'd break with Bell, but it's a $200 disconnection fee. I don't have that kind of cash, not really at one time. I'm considering devoting a portion of my tax refund to killing my contract, because I honestly can't stand this anymore.


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