Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Think iFruity!


I finally gave in. I'm weak. I have no will.

My name is the Bard, and I own an iPod.

To be honest, its something I've been debating for a while. This month the prices went down to something reasonable, so I started really thinking about it. Especially on Friday, over lunch with my father, mainly becuase I was tired of having to take my Discman and book of CDs out with me to go skiing. Funny story, my discman was a present for my 10th birthday. In 1995. Possibly earlier. I need to check when the first Beatles Anthology came out, because that was the gift that came along with it. There's also the fact that I've been wanting to get one before I go to Oxford this summer so that I won't have to haul my CDs along with me.

The clincher really came when I realized I was getting an extra $260 from Il Posto in May as my yearly vacation pay. So that's over two and a half hundred smackers I hadn't counted on. Mom, who wanted to get me an MP3 player back in BC, said that she'd throw in a hundred. And thus the total cost to me, out of pocket, is about $70. Mainly becuase I carefully plan all my finances, and the nice little windfall from my vacation pay was utterly unexpected.

Now, over the weekend I'd been intending to buy an iPod Mini. With 4GB storage capacity, the things are decently hefty (they've got more room than my old PC). The plan was to buy a mini and then spend another $70 or so on getting the third season of Farscape (which would have cost around $170 total after tax). Then I realized that I could spend the same amount of money ($70), and get a full, 20GB iPod. AlexanderLambert pointed out that I could always save up for Farscape, but it wasn't often that I'd have the disposable cash lying around for an iPod.

So today I went out and bought mine. My father is forwarding me the cash for a month or so on my VISA bill, so all's good. I also picked up a free iSkin, which has a built in mail-in-rebate for it from CompuSmart. Unfortunatly its the opaque white one that glows in the dark, but seeing as how its primary useage is just making sure the small machine inside isn't damaged, I have no real issues.

So I've loaded nearly 2 gigs of songs on so far. All my radio drama (ranging from Dimension X from the 50s to Hayward Sanitarium), and loads of music. I'm not done loading the music. I've still got another 80 or so CDs to go. Things ain't even close yet. AND after that I can use the iPod as an external harddrive, which will save me a small fortune in burnt CDs when I do system backups.

My only real complaint so far is that I haven't been able to burn in the Anti-Flag song "Fuck Police Brutality", becuase the iPod gets its information on album, artist, and song names from an online database...which I presume doesn't stock titles with such nasty names. Or something like that.


Anonymous Jason said...

Radio plays! Yes! I totally forgot that I could put my Shadow radio plays on my iPod! Brilliant!

Thanks for the reminder!

1:34 p.m.  

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