Monday, February 28, 2005


One of the neighbours hired me on Saturday to help cater a party she was holding for her husband's 50th birthday. I got me $10 an hour, with transportation paid for, for basically just making sure that the food was out on the table and there was enough booze out and open. It was a pretty sweet deal. Very little work on my part, and everyone was quite happy.

But something weird happened. I met a guy who was good friends a few years back with my boss. Now, Franco Augustino seems to know like half the people who are anyone in Toronto, by some weird restaraunteur's Correspondence magic I have yet to learn. So its statistically impossible that I'd never meet anyone who knew him. But someone who know him quite well...well that's really something. So now I have a business card for this individual, and will give it to my boss, who I hope will be very pleased. Said individual is also going to say good things about my catering skills. I am content.

Also, I handed in my essay on Saturday morning, so I only lost 5% off it. Not too shabby. I often forget how much I enjoy analyzing poetry. I just know so much stuff that its quite fun to pick out the little references.


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