Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today's game

Today's game went surprisingly well, though we didn't get the adventure finished in the one session I'd hoped. What with James and Ryon arriving late, Nick having to leave early, and some expositional downtime stuff from the last session, the game got off to a late and rocky start.

But it picked up fast. I spent most of today wracking my brain for ideas on what to furnish a superhero scavenger hunt with, and with such amusing things as "a pint of mercury", "whatever's in the middle of the hedge maze", and "the keys to Dr. Granger's car", it went quite amusingly. I also threw in four, really bad riddles in the style of Wormwood's from the Batman: The Animated Series episode, "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy". They were awful riddles, but they were suitably obscure for people to have some fun pondering over them.

The game had one major combat, being between the Alphas and the Betas (funny, that). It was a pretty even match, which was quite amusing. Eventually the Alphas won becuase of higher Initative rolls (though one of the NPCs Alphas, Erick "Conquer Wyrm" der Vermiss took something like 5 RAPs of Body damage as a Beta, Kimberly "The Tangent" Morgonstern jump kicked him in the head with her Martial Arts 12), and the fact that several of the Betas made rather bad maneuvers that would have worked if they'd gotten higher in the Initiative order. James Aleister was doing just fine trying to parachute onto the flag pole to grab the flag, but Lisa's character used her Air Control to send the daredevil into a tree. Similarly, the Betas' resident sorcerer, the Writer, was spending the entire round just narrating what his magic pen was going to do next round...and fell afoul one of Nick's character's illusions.

Oh yeah...did I mention that I have the dice that Satan forgot? Everyone got freakishly good rolls today. There was at least one roll above 30 (James got a 37 or so in telepathic combat with someone), and several high 20s, and lots of high teens (accounting for how the Tangent, a puny girl with only Body 4 and Strength 3, managed to nearly take down the guy with metal bones). To make a long story short, the Alphas managed to win, congradulated the Betas on a good fight, and both teams went their seperate ways to grab more loot.

There was a rather large deal of property damage done on a subsequent raid of the Beta-Team dorm to grab a uniform (2pts per, 10pts if you can bring one from all four opposing teams!), including Ryon's character very nearly being stuck to the floor by the building's internal defense system (which rolled really badly on its attempts to shoot him). They managed to get a Sigma-Team uniform with much less trouble, as Lisa had the brilliant idea of suggsting to Courtney "The Spark" Hastings, the other Alpha NPC attached to the main player characters, that perhaps she should try to conduct her electrical form in through the window sill (which is designed to offer electrical shocks if someone of the opposite gender tries to get in). Courtney used her Teleportation 8 (only along electrical lines) and got inside the room, raided the closet, and got a uniform. However, as she was throwing it out for Lisa's character to catch with a gust of wind...the Omegas struck. Whip Scorpion, an Omega telekinetic, grabbed the uniform with one of his "claws", and began pulling it towards him (with a 19 on his roll he got it away from Lisa with a great deal of ease).

The second house raid was presaged by Lisa, Nick, and Courtney going off to navigate the hedge maze. They unfortunatly found that the maze, which was about 12 feet high, had a solid energy field over the top to keep people from cheating, and so Lisa directed Nick and Courtney (the NPC) around. Nick made himself and Courtney invisible to the Sigmas (an English gorilla named Soloman, a really big lion, and some Australian guy named Issac Bruce...with scoutwork along the top of the maze done by a foul mouthed British girl going under the named "Rocket-Heeled Jane"), and they managed to find the object at the center of the maze...a scintilating flag of red and blue that screamed when they pulled it out of the ground. At that point the force field vanished and Lisa lifted them out in a small cyclone. What happened next is going to give James' character a very bad reputation on campus.

While chasing the flag bearing Alphas, the Sigmas happened to get in the line of sight of James' character, who is a telepath. James engaged the lion in mental combat, and struck with a roll of 37. Thankfully this wasn't killing combat, or Lion-Hearted Joe would never have survived. As is he reverted to the form of a young African man, and lay on the ground twitching. James pulled a similar stunt on Soloman the next round, and dropped the gorilla with a roll of 17 or 18. This was rationalized after I spoke with James about his character not knowing his own strength. The telepathic combat was a purely nervous reaction ("Holy shit its a monster, I hit it with the only weapon I brain!"), and that his character is going to be rather scared of what he did, and really, really, REALLY sorry.

There was also a minor incident with Ryon figuring out a riddle about the school's bell tower, and meeting a Delta girl there who convinced him to push the button for her as well, since she'd technically gotten there first but wasn't able to get to where the button that would get her team the points for solving the riddle was.

And anyway, the session ended with the uniform being dragged away by Whip Scorpion. The next game will start with an introduction of the young Omegas. They're pretty nasty. There'll also be some meetings with other students they haven't run into yet. And I won't reveal too much, as I think some of my players may know where this blog is.

And now I go to sleep. I have an essay to finish tomorrow morning to hopefully not get penalized too much, and I have a catering gig tomorrow afternoon. Busy day, eh?


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