Saturday, February 19, 2005

O Nostos ("The Return")

I'm back.

Yesterday my mother and I went to Granville Island, a rather large market-type shoppy area in Vancouver, where we bought ingredients for her AMAZING seafood chowder (easily the best I've ever tasted), along with some buns, cakes, and the like. I really enjoy Granville Island. The scenery is beautiful, and the huge meat/fish/produce/whatever market area is quite astounding. This is really the first time I've gotten any pictures, though, and I'm going to set up a photo album once I've edited them all down to size and cleaned them up a bit.

Last night I was treated to mom's chowder, and my stepfather, Jerry, devised a rather intricate and functional way for me to transport my cane on the flight (involving a triangular box, styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and a Red Green-style amount of packing tape). So that got on all well and dandy, and I now have it unwrapped and undamaged. Oh yeah, and mom made me some peanut butter cookies. Go mom!

Then this morning I left.

The flight took a mere 4 hours, was nearly empty, and meant that I got a window seat by the emergency exits (thus more leg room), and had a rather interesting conversation with a British man who's lastname was Rockford (or something to that effect), who drank rather profusly and popped sleeping pills like Skittles.

This resulted in me getting a rather interesting education in his job (arranging conference locations as a freelance consultant or something of that sort), British politics as opposed to American politics (and how Blair apparently gave the Left a decent electoral chance), and dog sledding (which he quite enjoys in Canada's frigid North). He was a neat guy, and I had quite a bit of fun talking to him, though the conversation meant that I was only able to finish Mister Miracle and read the seventh volume of Sandman all the way through. I got a good portion of my reading done after he rendered himself unconscious for the last hour of the flight. I think he'd had a rough day.

We arrived, and I got my baggage without too much trouble. Took the TTC back to dorm, and I am now preparing to go see Constantine. I have no expectations. If you see a report in the Toronto papers about someone screaming at a movie screen to "shut the bloody hell up" or "sod off, you dirty little toerag", and very possibly screaming "Alec Holland, oh how we miss thee!" not be alarmed. I have few doubts that someone will post bail.

In other news, I have given Nancy some chocolate. She seems happy, and I think she and Trish are going to come to LARP tomorrow. While I miss BC, I am still content.

All photos I have stated I took while there will be posted in short order. There will be a post announcing the updates.


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