Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Three days, 9 1/2 hours, and four discs later...

Wow. I mean holy shit...wow. Every night for the last three days I've watched one of the Lord of the Rings movies on DVD. My father gave me Fellowship and Return for my birthday, not extended but at least in widescreen, and last Christmas gave me the Towers in extended format. So...yeah. A lot of watching.

I have to say that the trilogy is easily one of the greatest movie epics of all time. Its how the Matrix SHOULD have been. But I'm saying stuff that, undoubtedly, all my readers already know.

Now, I enjoy Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but somehow watching those trilogies in a set just can't compare with this. It's just...wow.

As a side note, I revise my earlier theories and feelings. Robert Jordan stole equally as much from Lord of the Rings as he did from Dune. Still...there is that third novel sitting on my shelf...le sigh, I suppose I'll subject myself to The Dragon Reborn one more time, for completness' sake.

I'm thinking up picking up The Silmarilion, though, and I'm sure I spelled that wrong. Still, while I hear it's quite dry I'd like to learn a bit about the history of Middle Earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a trilogy, yes, LotR really quite takes the cake. I haven't decided yet if it takes that cake as far as Star Wars did, but I'm sure all I would have to do is watch Lucas' insane new version of Star Wars once more to decide that, yes, LotR takes it farther.

As for the Silmarilion, well, it is the history of Middle Earth, yes. I haven't read it and you're unlikely to ever catch me reading it. Fans of _Tolkien_ admit that it's dry, and the actual LotR books bored me to the point of tears, so...

- jason

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