Friday, February 04, 2005

A sport I'd never even considered

Jigsaw Thoughts is one of the few blogs I read. I'm not really sure how I got into it, but the author is a geek, a gamer, and I just never really stopped. She's pretty cool, though, and pointed out this link.

Wheelchair fencing. I'd never even considered it as an idea. I had a friend who did wheelchair jiu jitsu (I asked her how it worked, she said "its Jiu Jitsu with no kicks"...duh...), but fencing? Now, I used to fence...and a lot of what I was taught was foot work...but this...this is almost getting back to the pure form of fencing: wrist work and point work. You can't dodge in a locked wheelchair, you have to parry.

It's a cool idea. It's on par with Oracle doing escrima cool. It's something that I think I'm going to put into a script at some point. And I have just the right idea of where.


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