Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Nocker-Toffy, before you kill me there's just one thing I HAVE to know..."

A volcano fortress. A loyal midget henchman who used to be a monkey. A theoretical army of illusionary Storm Troopers as guards (all with conveniently bulky helmets limiting head movement). Maniacal laughter and long monologues.

It was decided today that my Changeling LARP PC, Innis Dupoir Nachteltaffen (Nocker Wilder), is well on his way to becoming a Bond villain. Considering that his Seelie Legacy is Paladin (he lives by the "Villain's Code", which throws good into contrast), and his Unseelie is Bogle, he was well on his way already. But today I was talking with the STs, and we made the decision. I'm going to get Fae 5, Prop 5, and Legerdemain 5. And I'm going to become a villain. With death traps. Nocker-made death traps in which I will drop the heroes and then go off and do something else, safe in the knowledge that they couldn't POSSIBLY find that one important flaw.

You see, the true villain exists to challenge the hero. He exists to throw good into contrast so that those that hold dear to their ideals will feel exalted by them. The fun in playing a villain is not found in victory, but rather in the amusement that leads up to losing. It is the villains JOB to fail.

So I also intend to cultivate a healthy level of Wayfare (probably 5), and the Time Realm, as well as Metamorphosis and the Disguise Ability. And then, I will appear to die...only to return as another character. This may all be theoretical at the moment, but its the way I think I'm going to go.

I'll tkae over one of the Nightmare Islands once its been cleaned out, and my chimerical companion monkey, the Maudlin, is going to begin evolving into its gremlin butler form, very reminiscent of Hobbes in the comic Fables.

Such fun!


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