Thursday, January 27, 2005

X-Men and Wild Cards: The Interwining Tastes of the Mutant Sensations

I consider it paradoxical that, after stealing so heavily from the Marvel universe for so many years, the wheel has finally come around full circle for Wild Cards. How? One word, one letter. District X. Basic premise? Cops in New York's city's "District X" aka "Mutant Town" aka "Freakville" aka...

...well, frankly, Jokertown. Full of freaks, geeks, monsterously weird mutant powers, and folks who have no control over abilities of minor utility. Like the woman who grows an apparently impenetrable defensive cocoon...but only while she's asleep. Or the guy who's power is that he smells really bad (I assume this is a smell on par with Foul Old Ron of Discworld fame).

All in all, suffice to say that this is all Jokertown without Doctor Tachyon or any of the other regulars. There are even the obligatory freaky strip clubs, and clubs where the only people there are mutants. And I won't even get into the drug that causes horrible spontaneous mutations that are utterly uncontrolable in normal humans...becuase...y' one ever messed with the Wild Card virus after its delivery.

Still, its proving a decent read, and the art's nice. Its definitly the more low-key X-Men stuff that I prefer. Never was into the big superfights. If I want a big superfight, I'll re-read the Authority pupling Sliding Albion or the Gamorran supersoldiers. These days I'm really more looking for interesting story than anything else.


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