Sunday, January 16, 2005

My first live action DC Heroes game in over a decade!

Alexander, on his last full day in Toronto, ran a DC Heroes game for myself and three other members of the University of Toronto Role Playing Club. He did a FANTASTIC job of running the first three issues (put into 3 acts) of "The Shroud", the game he normally runs for me. This time we had three of the NPC heroes being played by PCs, plus myself, so things went pretty well. I even have some pictures of our crazy group.

This also allowed me to find a player base for running a DC Heroes game at the University of Toronto, in lieu of the Wraith: The Oblivion game some folks had been pressuring me to run. I'm probably going to run something that's kind of a mix of New X-Men: Academy, Harry Potter, and Gen-13/DV-8. I've already statted out about a dozen members of the student body and faculty (ranging in power level from x1 to x3), and I'm quite happy with it all so far. I also have a preliminary map of the grounds of the school, and an idea of how the dorms, teachers, students, and the like are layed out.

Still haven't gotten a new Network Interface Card yet, probably going to go into Futureshop tomorrow to get them to look at things. The diagnosis from the ResNet guy should help, though, since its all a hardware problem and not software. Also backed up somewhere around a gig and a half onto CD last night, grabbing all my really important files in preperation.

Last Mage game tonight. Technocracy has been pushed back to March, which is probably good since we only have 5 players at the moment anyway. Talked to a friend of mine who's in the Canadian Army, and did some reworking on James. He is now Lt. James Aleister, and he'll be getting a regiment number, serial number, and some medals soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much to say here other than the fact that I'm really enjoying the Nex X-Men Academy book. It reminds me very much of the best parts of the old New Mutants book. I hope it can stay that way and not descend into Generation X-ishness.

- jason

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