Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005

My New Years Eve 2005 was a non-event. I had two bottles of sparkling wine, a terrible glass of red, and watched Andromeda for half the night. Hurrah.

I'm slagged at the moment. No school has made me bored and lethargic. I'll try to update Project Beowulf tomorrow.

I also did some New Years cleaning. My closet, once a solid mass of boxes, has been reduced to two boxes of comic books, and a bit of junk, freeing up a whole four feet of space. My gaming shelf is now also completly full. Its a good thing I won't be moving home this summer, else I'd never be able to FIT all my books onto the shelves.

I'm planning another couple 7r4d3m4rk stories, mainly as an exercise in writing cyber-punk and getting action sequences down. These stories are more set around fleshing out a setting with some other major protagonists (like Rebecca Smith, the rogue Union agent) and antagonists (like Mirr0rr0rriM and J0n_H4w7h0rn). The nerd level will be set to MAXIMUM on this stuff...its not meant to be good; its meant to be so cliched that you either laugh your ass off or shatter your monitor.

I think this year I'm going to try and do a weekly Segue From a Cook. Give out recipes, further develop my own style of writing about food. Some of them may not include any recipes (I intend to do a rant on Japanese food and my trip to Tokyo a few years back), and some of them may be nothing BUT recipes. If anyone actually tries to cook something out of a Segue, lemme know how it turns out for you.

I have very few New Years resolutions this year. I've never been big on them, but this year there are very few things that I want to change (and perhaps that's a bad thing).
-get a date (how nerdy is that for a resolution?)
-raise my GPA towards 3.0 (its sitting at around a 2.5 at the moment, thanks to the idiocy of me taking Czech last year and absolutly bombing it)
-pump out the Project Beowulf stuff and start trying to submit
-do some essay writing not related to school at all, and still make them good, well thought out essays
-stop using TV and DVDs as a distraction and instead use them as actual entertainment

I'm going back to Toronto tomorrow, as school begins Monday. I guess Monday I'll also have to buy all my text books. I should also begin taking some pictures of the Victoria College campus, as we have some beautiful architecture and I now have a digital camera (not to mention my copy of Photoshop 6.0). There are afew other things in the city I want to take pictures of, I just have to get the Photoshop's gray-scale filter working.

Finally, tomorrow marks the beginning of Christian's Mage (Technocracy) LARP. With Leo's Mage (Traditions) LARP ending later this month, Christian is going to be providing me with my Mage: The Ascension fix. It should be fun. His ideas look fantastic, and the folks he has helping him run it are top notch people who know a lot about Mage, and have a huge level of enthusiasm.


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