Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day (in the morning, moving into early afternoon)

Well, the presents are unwrapped and doing fine. I picked up more DVDs than I have binder space for, a Global carving knife, rather a lot of condiments (don't ask), and a picture frame with twelve clay pipe heads framed in it. Somewhere in there I also picked up a 3.2MP digital camera with x3 zoom. Not state of the art, but decent for a casual photographer who still prefers black and white cameras from the '70s. Yeah, I like stuff that was invented before I was born.

I also somehow managed to get a small fortune in gift cards to Chapters and Future Shop. So by tomorrow I should have copies of Encylopedia of the DC Universe, A Gentleman's Game (the Queen & Country novel by Greg Rucka), The Maltese Falcon (by Dashiell Hammet), and The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. Also heading over to Hairy Tarantula to cash in on their Boxing Day sale. Probably go over to Futureshop as well, grab me Spiderman 2, and maybe the third season of The X-Files. And Resident Evil: Apocalypse comes out on the 28th.

I am now also in posession a wonderful shirt, who's caption read:
I Love Animals
They're Delicious

My mother is a sick, sick individual, lol.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all...a good day, and probably a good dinner. Cheers.


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