Saturday, December 25, 2004

The ice tried to murder me

Christmas is here. Complete with cookies, candy, relatives, turkey, and ice. We had an ice storm last week. While chipping ice off the window today, I nearly took a sizeable chunk out of my finger. By sizeable, I mean that if I hadn't pulled back I could well have taken flesh off to the bone. This is mainly because the cut happened at the joint. It bled for a bit, then stopped. It'll be good by tomorrow.

In other Christmas news, I was informed at work yesterday that we will not be getting Christmas bonuses or a Christmas party this year. Rather, in lieu of this Frank is giving several thousand dollars to an African family so they can buy a farm. Apparently the government will be sending me something, but I have a feeling the adress Frank was giving them probably was in relation to the frat house I was living at this summer. So if anyone reading this is from the Toronto chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon and you happen to get a weird card for some guy with glasses who lived there during the summer, please let me know.

As a final note, I have opened one present tonight in respect to Czech Christmas. The Czechs, like many Eastern European countries, open their presents in Christmas Eve, accompanied by schnitzel, fried fish, and potato salad (and, so my Czech friend [and Changeling ST] Veronica tells me, some sort of fish stew that sounds delicious). This is a tradition that's kept up back in BC with my mother and Jerry, my stepfather. Jerry's Czech, so every year he gets his traditional Czech Christmas dinner. Last year we were particularly fortunate to have his parents out from Edmonton. Anyway, I called my mother today to wish her a happy Christmas Eve (and figure out where she'd be tomorrow so I'd know where to call), and she ordered me to open a present from her fro Czech Christmas.

So mom, if you're reading this, Dark Angel season 2 is an awesome gift. Thanks, mom!


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