Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

I saw about 15 minutes of this show tonight. It's good stuff, in that Ramsey is great. He's sarcastic, passionate about food, and very human-like. I will probably never watch the show again, though, if the quality of the restaraunts he's being sent in to save are the same as Bonaparte's.

As far as I can tell, the basic premise of the series is that this big, English chef gets sent on rescue missions to fine dining English restaraunts that are utter shit holes. His job? Save the poor fuckers from their own stupidity.

In the episode I saw, he was sent in to save some poor shit restaraunt called Bonaparte's (which seemed to be going to way of Napoleon) which seemed to have trouble getting competent head chefs. The fact that their new hotshot was my age, and didn't seem to know how to organize a line was not promising. Oh yes, his presentation looked good, but I have my doubts about anyone who talks about wanting to own three restaraunts and be a TV chef when he's 21 and working in some dive that he activly hunted out.

By the time he attempted to prepare his signature dish, only to discover, at Ramsey's expense, that the scallops he used in it were rancid...I turned the TV off. I couldn't stand it. I have a very low threshold for idiocy. This fucker was about on par with the moron who nearly put a knife through my head back when I was a part time Culinary Arts student at Humber College (I was bending down to tie my shoe when he moves the knife, almost in a stabbing motion, over my head to put it on the table...if the chef hadn't told me to stay down I probably wouldn't be posting this right now). I love kitchens. I love working in kitchens. I love watching cooking shows that take place in actual line kitchens. But I can't stand idiots in kitchens., to get back to my point, I don't think I'll be watching anymore of this show if Ramsey is continually confronted with chefs that idiotic. Still...Ramsey is almost reason enough to watch it...


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