Sunday, January 02, 2005


Well, character creation is done and over with. I am playing an Exceptional Citizen, which is all well and good. I am playing 1st Seargent James Isaac Aleister. Well...former 1st Sgt, as his tour came up last year. Should be fun, especially considering that all the other players I met tonight are looking to make scientists.

James is based on a character for Alexander's Wild Talents game, "Glass Hammer". In that game, James (aka Ronin) was a teenaged daredevil who was physically and mentally the perfect human being. He knew no fear, and was a rabid anarchist and political philosopher. In the Technocracy, James is a former seargent in the Canadian Army now going to university. He is still a superb physical and mental specimen, with high Physical and Mental traits, though he still expresses the original character's superb intelligence, tactical thinking, and sheer acumen. However now he tempers that with the discipline of a trained soldier, rather than the undisciplined recklessness of a super-lucky anarchist.

As far as I've seen of the other characters, there's also a geneticist and a chemist. Not a lot of player turnout, but I'm hoping that more showed up after I left, or that more will contact Christian later on.

But man...I got an interview from the leaders of the local Conventions. They even put a spotlight on me. In a dark room. It was GREAT. Each asking their own questions. Some questions were normal (state your name, what is your age?, do you have a good credit rating), and some of them were just plain odd (what word do you think of when you hear the word "Moon"?, were you ever a bed wetter?, etc.). Was fun, though. I was still a bit shaky on the character, so my answers weren't quite as fast as they ought to be for him, but I think things went well, overall.

It'll be fun to see where things go from here. I'm hoping for either the Void Engineers or the New World Order, but the character is pretty flexible and all the conventions need soldiers and enforcers.


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