Thursday, January 13, 2005

Week 'O the Weird

AlexanderLambert came up from the US to visit this week, so it's been cool. We've done a lot of development work on Zero Point, a vampire/sorcerer game I've been working on, and various other RPG stuff. Also been hanging out, reading comics, and watching movies.

My ethernet card broke on me yesterday. I'm relegated to walking to the library to use the wireless network (which brings up the question of "What's the point of a wireless network if you need to go somewhere specific to use it?") until I either bring my laptop in for repair, or get a weird card thing that slots in permanently and acts as a new ethernet card. This is really a no-win situation.

I picked up the latest Birds of Prey TPB yesterday, along with The Powers Scriptbook. I am now basking in the glory of another BOP story, and 11 scripts from the Eisner award winning comic, Powers. There will be more Project Beowulf soon. Its almost done. I've just been so busy and distracted lately. On the upside, I've mentally scripted out most of the first arc, including the rather climactic "Death of Peter Yarber".

That is all for now. There will be amusing photographs later.


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