Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Iteration-X Wants YOU!"

To save the world from Reality Deviants!

So...I got an email the other day from Christian, informing me of what convention good old Sgt. James Aleister has been recruited into. I am now a proud member of the Nation of Cyborg. Chromed and proud, baby!

James was already a "super-soldier". Well, perfect soldier, physically and mentally speaking. My Abilities are spread a bit too thin at the moment for that, but since my Traits are maxed out at the moment Abilities are about the only place I have to put anything. But with Enhancements, and Christian's It-X advantage...James is now just a plain super-soldier. 12 Physical and Mental Traits. Plus Ability Aptitude (Psychology), plus Concentration, plus Confidence. The man is practically a Manticore soldier from Dark Angel. With built in night vision, and a reinforced skeletal-muscular structure. And very possibly either built in nanite healers, telescopic vision, jump enhancer, strategic analysis computer, or claws. There's a lot I can do with 2 more dots of implanted devices. Maybe an implant radio?. I'm reluctant to spend on another Physical or Mentral Trait, though, since I like James being balanced. But we'll see.

I'm also reading Neitzsche in preperation for playing James. Beyond Good and Evil and Thus Spake Zarathustra. I'll probably also snag someone's textbook on psychology. Read some Machiavelli, Sun Tzu. Re-read Band of Brothers maybe. Definitly give a few more viewings to some of the early season 1 stuff in Dark Angel and Andromeda. Also probably read the Iteration-X Conventionbook, and Guide to the Technocracy again. The character isn't just about having some cool powers, he's about personality, philosophy, and tactics. He's a soldier-philosopher.

I'm really looking forward to playing him. It should be seriously neat.


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