Monday, January 17, 2005

The End of Mage

The last game for Leo's Mage LARP was last night. It was Yeah. Any game that starts off with all the PCs being brainwashed so they think that they're from the 1930s (all cleverly inserted into roles very similar to their normal lives) is just cool. The casting was great. Trademark got stuck as an Analytical Engineer with a paradigm for using communications as a means of control. So I spent most of the time as that character placing primitive radio bugs around the room (small pieces of wire in tiny vaccuum tubes with crystal antennae that transmitted to a receiver he built). It was damnably cool.

Then we all realized we'd been brainwashed, which prompted Trademark to go on a short tirade in the vain of "...he did it again! Again! Not just once, the bastard mindfucked me AGAIN!". Yeah. It was Phace. Again, lol. But it was great. The first scene gave a great deal of history to the setting (the group of mages that had gotten together to try to bind the Thing in the Lake to the lake, the reason for Phace's insanity, the dark secret's behind the Blake family line...oh yeah...heh heh).

It was a very dynamic game. Everyone was moving about, talking, yelling (there was a period where two of the characters were jumping up and down and giggling at each other [I have no idea]), and the like. Stephen got his PC, St. Schematica, cast as a Nazi Etherite (which was hilarious, because Trademark spent a good deal of time over the rest of the evening apologizing to Elias for wanting to get him arrested for it).

And Trademark Ascended. That was the one part of the game I was a tad fuzzy on (I had been under the impression that the Ascended state we were entering was actually a construct made by Phace to lull us didn't quite fight it the way I should have). However, the notable point of Trademark's Ascension was getting a date. It's sad, and pathetic, but he actually asked out the Technocracy mole he had been working with in previous games. It was hilarious, including the scheduling conversation:

Trademark: "How's Wednsday?"
Ms. Smith: "Hmm. No, I have a meeting with the Syndicate. How's Thursday?"
Trademark: "Sorry, hacking the World Advisory Council that day."
Ms. Smith: "Tuesday? After 9?"
Trademark: "I can do that."
Ms. Smith: "Then its a date."

This is about on par with one of the stories out of the end of New Bremen, where one of the Etherites found Ascension in a fully stocked referigerator.

Anyway, it was a great game, and a good run. I've been playing this character for almost a year now, and I haven't been dissapointed. Every game has been a fantastic experience, each with its own excitement, its own intrigues, and its own air of magic. It's been utterly amazing. A big shout out to the STs who made this game a hit. Look forward to future games with you guys. Now...if only Steve would join my DC Heroes game...


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