Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pseudoscience concept realized at 2am on way too much Jack Kirby

(The following rant is made with only a basic knowledge of Physics, and is largely to be considered bunk and/or hooie. It also depends a lot upon my faulty knowledge of super-string theory. Please feel free to tell me I'm a quack. I go very well with orange.)

The anti-gravity circuit. Assuming that everything vibrates at a specific and unique frequency, then there is a frequency to gravity. Ergo there is a counter frequency to negate gravity. Ergo you can get something to vibrate in that counter frequency, negate gravity, and set an entire object vibrating to negate gravity. Ergo I have a pseudoscientific reason for how an entire alien civilization can have stupid levels of advancement, through super-string theory, and have their entire technology consist of lots of pieces of well designed metal and stone and large amounts of copper wiring.

Additionally, it should be noted that in this case this isn't anti-gravity, but really more of a gravity bubble. It is not a replusion against gravity, but rather a negation of gravity, thus causing the object to float on gravitic fields. This is also the explanation given for how one of the characters, Excelsior, in my DC Heroes TT game can fly: he has the effective density of a neutron star condensed down to human form. He can exert his personal gravitic field, which is much greater than the Earth's, to repel himself from the Earth's surface and then "skip" (like a stone over water) across the Earth's gravitic field, effectivly flying by slingshotting himself across the planet. Needless to say, he can go very fast and its a very good thing that he's nigh invulnerable. In space presumably he flies by deciding his effective gravity and thus being pulled/pushed towards/away from whichever point in space he wishes to go by using the complex gravity wells throughout a solar system (also, presumably, in between star systems he may well be screwed).


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