Friday, February 18, 2005

"First we feast, then IKEA"

-from Christopher Moore's "The Stupidest Angel"

Moore just came up with possibly one of the greatest zombie scenarios of all time: an idiotic angel raises a cemetary of the undead to grant a child's Christmas wish that the Santa he saw killed come back from the dead. And, affected by the laws of narrative causality, the zombies came back wanting BRAINS!

This would make a great All Flesh Must Be Eaten scenario. The zombies are slow moving, about as strong as they were in life (perhaps a bit less), rotting, crave brains constantly...and they're SMART! They have some sense of tactics, they can talk, and they can shout your dirty secrets in the windows. Oh yeah...and a strange obsession with IKEA. There's also a limited number of them, and there probably won't be more (unless Raziel fucks up again).

"For some reason...the dead love cheap prefacb furniture."
-Christopher Moore


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