Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Three Cities from my DC Heroes Game

Here's a portion of an email I recently sent to my DC Heroes group, profiling the three big cities in the superhero setting I've designed. The first real session starts this Friday, and I'm pretty confident that thing are going to go well...if one of my players can properly get his concept together, even after he apparently had a solid one at character generation.

More info on the setting will follow soon.

Victory City, Delaware, is analogous to Metropolis. It has an incredibly large superhero population. Its sprawling, advanced, and very modern. While there is a certain degree of homelessness, with the help of the city's numerous heroes almost everyone has some place to sleep, though crime, especially super-crime, is still a major problem. It's home to the Victory Clan (the setting's version of the Fantastic Four), Excelsior (the setting's Superman, a public identity hero who spends far more time writing comics than fighting crime, in his real identity as Matthew Noblem he is an award winning comic writer and artist for the setting's version of DC: MT Comics), and Captain Orion (one of the world's oldest heroes, he's been fighting crime since 1932 and hasn't slowed down since, he's a public identity science hero, considered to be the greatest physicist of the 20th century, he uses a complex technology of his own design that harnesses some odd energy source that seems to involve Superstring Theory, he is known in the science community by his real name of Doctor Charles August Pendleton).

Neopolis, New Jersey, is analogous to Gotham City. It was built as a huge piece of Art Deco architecture over a smaller mostly Dutch town of New Arnham back in the 1920s. The Depression hit it hard, though, and while half the city is a sprawling artistic masterpiece (that looks very much like the Batman: The Animated Series Gotham), the rest of it is dilapidated and half finished slums (which have even enroached into the site of the 1932 Worlds Fair). The city has a harsh divide between Haves and Have Nots, as the finished half of the city on the North side of the river Arnham houses the upper and upper middle classes, and the South side, across the Archer Bridge, houses the lower middle class and everything below. The spread of crime in the last decade, however, has been pushed back by the actions of the city's most notorious hero, the Black Dog (the setting's Batman, except his motif favors that of a giant, feral black mastiff), though the fight has been joined in recent years by one of Captain Orion's old sidekicks, Star Knight (who uses a glowing gold suit of hard-light armor fashioned to look like a sleek, technological version of medeival full plate), and a number of other, lower powered heroes. The city is also home to Archer Industrial, a massive multinational corporation run by a man named Chen Yi. Yi has been running his company for some twenty years, after taking over from his father upon the older man's murder by mafia thugs. However, about ten years ago he vanished for several years, only returning five years ago, a much more ruthless individual. Archer Industrial produces everything from computers to foodstuffs to construction materials. It employs about a twentieth of Neopolis' population, in one form or another.

Bay City, California, is analogous to San Fransisco. There are few major heroes in Bay City, but there are a lot of supernatural goings on. The Misty Bridge is said to be haunted by no less than 50 different ghosts of workers who died during its construction, and rumors abound that some of the citys most respected businessmen are werewolves and sorcerers. Those heroes who do take an interest in Bay City are mostly supernaturally powered themselves, and have included such individuals as the Animatrix (a hip, cyperpunkish hero who seemed to be able to control machines), and the Bogie (a black and white Humphrey Bogart people say, who had a short career of only about six months before he mysteriously vanished).


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