Saturday, February 12, 2005

First Game Blues

Ok, today was a failure on so many levels.

First off, three of my players (James, Nick, and Ryon) were sick, so RP was lessened. Nick came 45 minutes late, after printing off a character who was just short of unplayable...that he had never bothered to tell me about before he came (he had an illusion-based PC originally...the new character he came up with was like Geo-Force Junior). So I had to take him aside and explain to him why playing an Eastern European noble with amazing powers who can't stand being on holy ground was not an accetable character choice for a game about super-powered teenagers.

The game was OK for the fact that it was mostly just introducing the setting, and the players had fun, but everyone but Lisa was just too bombed from illness to play. Which is REALLY unfortunate, because I was totally psyched for today. Next game should be better, as there's some obvious conflict involved...I just have to figure out a list of crazy shit for them to grab during the scavenger hunt and impress upon them the need to...y'know...roleplay getting it rather than just do the "roll, I win" strategy.

So I have a task ahead of me. Wish me luck.


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