Friday, February 11, 2005

The Exhaustion That is Work

First full house in two months tonight. We did something like 80 or so people tonight, which is twice what we've done any night since New Years. It was great. HOnestly. I always get butterflies after a long calm leading up to a rush, but it always goes well. At least, since this summer.

I spent 4 months working for my room and board. Totally on my own. And I learned about 10 times as much as I ever had before. One thing I learned, the thing that I'd never really had a chance TO learn before, was how to handle rushes. I did 120 or 130 one night without help. That was the big turning point for me. That's when I realized "Fuck, I can DO this!" No more fear. No more nervousness during a rush. Just getting things done as they came. I developed systems, methods, ways of doing things that were totally different from anything I'd done before. I learned to find that zen-like calm that comes when you're working hard.

Now, mind, 80-90 people was an average night this summer. The only thing really special about tonight is that since New Years we haven't done more than 30 people a night. Hell, this is the first Thursday night I've worked SINCE New Years. Which is good...becuase I need the money.

Still...we're back.


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