Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tales from The Way Down (part 1)

The Scar was so named because it was a gaping wound in the golden world. While around it teemed perfection and beauty, the Scar only got a pale reflection through dense black air. When first struck, it festered in the golden world. It infected. It corrupted. But even that small motion was now denied to it. The air above it was scabberous. Inside, things were defined by form and word. They were not golden. They were things of tarnish.

Necropolis sat in the center of the Scar. The lowest, deepest point, farthest from the light of the golden world. It was home to the worst forms of tarnish in existance. Its streets ran black with the stink of corruption by day. By night, they ran red with blood. Necropolis sported the largest conclave of the occult underground anywhere in the Scar. The detritus of the tarnish floated down like old paint flakes, settling to rest in the cracks in the floor.

And though Necropolis may have been the lowest point of the Scar, the Way Down was the lowest point of Necropolis. The name wasn't supposed to suggest that it was hip, or cool. It was not some slang term. It was, very simply, the way downwards. The lowest point of the city. Deep below the streets, where not even the slightest glimmer of the golden world ever reaches. Where the tarnish traded in baubles of power, reflections of hope, the stuff that dreams are made of.

Mimir owned the Way Down. They say that he climbed to the highest point of the Scar and tried to kill himself to enter the golden world. He cut off his head and threw it out of the pit. But one of the golden beings there would not take him, so they cast him back down. For his folly, his head was reattached, and he was bound into the deepest pit of the Scar. There he dug out a room. And in that room he began the Way Down.

Mimir's only companion was Judas Janet. They say that she found the last pieces of the Holy Grail and had its silver melted down into thirty studs, each no larger than a tack. She had them pierced around her ears, brows, lips, and nose. It was said that around each is written, in Latin, "I am so damned". Janet was Mimir's friend, confidant, lover, and front-woman. That taint of her heinous deed protected her from all but the most potent of sorceries born of reflections of the golden world.

How Mimir and Judas Janet came to meet is quite a story. One that is definitly worth the telling.

(end part 1)


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