Friday, February 25, 2005

A Cold White Compress on the Gaping Wound of a Broken Heart

Fancy way of saying that my alarm clock didn't go off on Wednesday, causing me to miss my English class. It was on that day of class that the essay assignments due today were handed out. I was an idiot, and didn't even realize this I nearly went into hysterics today when I came to class and was informed that people were handing in the essays given out on Wednesday.

Thankfully...I have an understanding prof. So if I can get the essay in today or tomorrow, I only lose 5% off it.

And its snowing. Which makes me feel a lot better. The whole situation doesn't hurt so much, and after I eat lunch I should feel human enough to write the damn thing.

I really don't know WHY seeing it snow has this effect on me. I mean, I've always loved flurries, blizzards, and white outs, and really the winter in general. I loved working at Baskin-Robbins during the winter, and watching the fierce blizzards running around the parking lot of the minimall we were located in. Just outside our front doors, the wind through the snow around for hours. I loved it. In more recent years, I've really just enjoyed looking out the window and watching it snow. It just really gets to me.


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