Monday, March 07, 2005

Why Werewolf the Forsaken Seems to Rock More Than Werewolf the Apocalypse

Ok, first off, any game who's basic setting is all along the Rockies in Colorado just rocks. Because the Rockies are cool, and becuase Twin Peaks was a good show. Secondly, any game who's demo advenutre is set in a small town in the Rockies that makes the town of Twin Peaks look normal rocks to another major degree.

Finally, any town that makes Jillian's Ford, of fame from my Buffy the Vampire Slayer game look normal is...well...just spookily cool.

Overall, the game looks nice. There seems to be a lot more emphasis on packs than in WtA, which is good. More to the point, there's a lot more emphasis on the pack as friends and relatives and...well...pack-mates tahn in WtA, in whcih packs were equivilant to military units half the time, and it was feasible for a pack to live in different houses across the city and only see each other at rituals, moots, and Wyrm hunts.

Also, the seeming lack of the Wyrm is a big, big plus now. Werewolves are no longer fuzzy ecoterrorists. You can use modern technology without someone in your Sept telling you that "such things are tainted by the Weaver!" (which often got the reply, "But its just a flashlight!") Also, Primal Urge and Renown replacing Rank, also Renown having an actual impact on the game, seems to rock quite a bit. There's no longer such a thing as a Cub who is not allowed to perform rituals, or contribute positivly to the pack in any way other than which point he will be buried, umourned, becuase...well...he WAS just a cub...and thank god the veteran Ahroun wasn't the one who bit it.

But then again I'm bitter. The Cub I played in a LARP for nearly a year spent most of the time being screamed at whenever he tried to make himself useful (when I mean useful I mean actually going up to the leaders when they were telling people what to do and asking if there was anything they needed me for), and being activly insulted by other PCs and NPCs once I DID go through my Rite of Passage, because all the characters felt it was far too soon. I dunno, I think WtA engendered a certain lack of empathy towards new players and new characters. I doesn't seem the same in the new stuff...I hope.


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