Sunday, March 06, 2005

A weekend "roughing it"

Went up to the family cottage this weekend for what I assumed would be some great skiing. The place normally has fabulous cross country skiing well into mid March, as its further up North than Toronto, and generally can get between 2 and 4 feet of snow over the course of a typical winter. Unfortunatly, I'd come up a week too late...high temperatures in the day had caused the snow to melt and then refreeze at night, so skiing was not to be had.

Still, spent the weekend lazing around the cottage. Watched a lot of MacGyver, which my father bought on DVD and I've now started borrowing. It's a fun show. Cheesy, absurd, and badly filmed at times, but quite amusing. Its fun to contrast Richard Dean Anderson's performance as MacGyver then to his work as Colonol (now General) Jack O'Neal now in Stargate SG-1.

Generally had a good time, though. The place is an old, 19th century stone schoolhouse converted into a cottage, and my family added a small, one story, one and a half room bunk house about 5 or 6 years back. The bed in the bunk house is a queen sized thing that's just fantastically comfortable, especially in the winter. Also got some writing done. I'm almost done re-editing the first issue of Project Beowulf, and am about a quarter of the way through issue #2. I really need to write up a treatment for it, though, before I can submit it to a company. Still...there is hope yet.


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