Saturday, March 12, 2005

Justice For All

I borrowed Lisa's entire JSA (Justice Society of America) TPB collection yesterday, and I've gone through three already (Justice Be Done, Darkness Falls, The Return of Hawkman). Its fun stuff. It is, without a doubt, a fight comic, and some of the plots are just a tad odd. But its also well written at times, with some nice characterization. Jack makes an appearence, and Wesley Dodds showed up in the first issue. Its also serving as a bit of a crash course in the various wacko villains of the DCU, from Johnny Sorrow to Mister Bones to Blackbriar Thorn. I'm digging Dinah and the new Doctor Midnight, as well as the sordid family tree of the Hall clan (mainly becuase I'm a big fan of Hippolyta Hall from her appearence in The Furies).

On the downside, I think someone should drop an anvil on Jakeem Thunder. The kid is useless. His pen should go to someone useful, someone who could actually use the Thunderbolt properly. I dunno who...but there's someone out there.

The other thing I dislike is how massivly cosmic the plots are. They're a touch too focused on saving the world, and I think there could be a lot more internal storylines going on (the Injustice Society stuff was great, up till Johnny Sorrow tried to destroy the world). And is it me, or does the King of Tears remind anyone of something out of Morrison?

Still, overall, I'm enjoying it. Got another two or three books to go.


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