Saturday, March 12, 2005

Yesterday's game

(second time writing this, as a link eliminated all my posting information)

Yesterday saw the finale of Issue #2 of my DC Heroes game, and the introduction of a fifth player, Heather (who I jokingly refer to as "The Fifth Man" despite her being a woman, mainly in homage to Planetary's "The Fourth Man"), who NPCed the Spark. The scavenger hunt finished in about the first two hours of play (which was good, because Nick had to leave early...a fact he neglected to mention until about half an hour before he had to go), with some judicious free forming, and the fact that the players decided that 10 points (out of a potential 100) were not worth getting mangled by the alien monster that lives in the pond in the woods. The Alphas came out on top with 80-85 points, with the Omegas coming in a close second with about ten or so less. The Omegas were powered pretty proportionatly to the PCs, though Conquerer Wyrm, who's built on quite a few more points to account for his super-slugs, showed to be a touch more powerful than I was comfortable with.

The PCs earned a friend, even more so than before, in the form of the Omega named Irving "Hoar-Frost" Statler, nephew of the cryogenic supervillainess Frau Frost. They were nice to him, and didn't beat on him, and in return he didn't beat on them. Truth to tell, he has something of a crush on Lisa's character, the winged air controller, Maria "Storm-Hawk" Sinclair.

James also got an earful from Ms. Amanda Lakefield (the super-intelligent, hypnotic White Queen sub-in) for his rather brutal and unsubtle use of telepathy against the other students. It figures, after knocking out a charging lion and a charging gorilla, both of whom have above average mental stats, he failed to mentally mess with the heavy set geokinetic, Crash. That had something to do with rolling doubles 1s, I think...but still.

After that the game broke up a bit, as half of us went back to Lisa's for drinks, food, and movies, and the other half went off to do school work. The players chose their classes, and got set up for the next game (entitled "The First Weekend"). After that the game broke up, but it seems to be going very well. Heather has me working up a gravity manipulating character for her, so Conquerer Wyrm will probably get shuffled over to the Omegas or outright expelled. I'm leaning towards the latter, as he heavily unbalances things in a fight.

Next game will also feature the cast's first meeting with an actual, factual supervillain, and their first look at Victory City. I have cameos in mind, lol.


Anonymous Jason said...

A teenager actually -lets- himself be called something that has a word pronounced like "whore" in the title? You might want to reconsider that one...

But props on the good game. ^_^

12:55 p.m.  

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